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About us

Original products

that the Istrian terra rossa gives

Kalavojna d.o.o. was founded in 2000 with the intent to be recognizable for the production of all autochthonous products that the Istrian terra rossa can give. We started with the cultivation of smaller vineyards of Malvasia and Merlot, an olive grove, and we later enriched our activities with new plantations of Teran, Refošk, Chardonnay as well as new olive seedlings in our olive groves. Our goal is to expand the production of high-quality grape varieties in the future, to constantly increase the quality of finished products and to bring out and offer a slightly different, more innovative product line on the market.

Our wine cellars are located on an estate in southern Istria in the small Istrian village of Radeki Polje. Thanks to the steady growth and market demands, our cellars have expanded in a very short time. A line was purchased for primary production and packaging and we have invested in barrique barrels that ennoble the aroma of our wines, creating a new, special taste creation. In our rich offer you can find bottled and quality white wines (Malvasia, Chardonnay, Yellow Muscat, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay barrique) red wines (Merlot, Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah), Frizzantino (Chardonnay and Rosé) and sparkling wine Bon Castello Pinot Gris.

In addition to the bottled wines we have an excellent Extra virgin olive oil. Our olive groves abound with the karbonaca, žižolera, rosinjola, buža, bjelica, leccino, frantoio and picholine varieties.


awards and prizes

In our rich offer you can choose between bottled and quality white and black wines, frizzantino and sparkling wine from hand picked varieties that grow in our vineyards.

From 2005 until today we took part in 11 manifestations for wine producers where we won 10 gold, 9 silver i 11 bronze medals for excellence.


Wine cellar

and tasting room combined

We sell our wines and extra virgin olive oils in our stores and you can also find them in all the best restaurants as well as in the shops of our business partners.

In addition to its core business, Kalavojna is expanding its business by opening a restaurant in Medulin. At the restaurant we offer our wines, produced from the grape varieties grown in our vineyards, and extra virgin olive oil as a complement to the rich high-quality gastronomic offer.

All our products can be purchased in our Kalavojna Winary  located on the old Pula-Rijeka state road, in the village of Loborika, where the road turns towards Radeki Polje.

The winery is part of a new facility that joins the cellar and the wine tasting room. During your visit, you'll be able to enjoy our wines and delicacies, an incredible vineyard view, immersed in nature and surrounded by the bird song.

For all the vine lovers and those who still have to become one, we offer a "Kalavojna" tasting of wine and extra virgin olive oil paired with original Istrian delicacies of local producers.

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awards and prizes

Our olive groves abound with the karbonaca, žižolera, rosinjola, buža, bjelica, leccino, frantoio and picholine varieties from which we make a recognizably fragrant and tasty multi-award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

From 2007 until today we took part in 16 manifestations for olive growers where we have won 14 gold, 2 silver i 2 bronze medals for excellent quality.


Wines and

extra virgin olive oils

In our winary and tasting room in Radeki Polje we offer tastings of all our products paired with the delicacies of local autochthonous producers We offer:

1. TASTE „SV.GERMAN“ – two types of white and two types of red wine, tasting of extra virgin olive oil and fingerfood, duration 1h
2. TASTE „KALAVOJNA“ – three types of white wine, three types of red wine, extra virgin olive oil, fingerfood, duration 1h
3. TASTE „BON CASTELLO“ – three types of white wine, three types of red wine, extra virgin olive oil and fingerfood, duration 1h 30 min

We offer the possibility of:
  • private tastings according to our guests’ wishes after a previous announcement and agreement
  • private tastings of our wines and sparkling wine paired to high quality fish and meat dishes prepaired by renowned chefs, with previous announcement, agreement and complying to the guests’ wishes
  • event organization


Mail: kalavojna
Phone: ++385 98 690 164, ++385 52 381 974


Summer : 01.04 – 31.10, od 10h-19h
Winter : 01.11. – 31.03, od 10h-16h

Closed on Sundays and holidays !



Kalavojna has the best Istrian Malvasia

in South Istria

On April 27, the "Oil and Wine Day - Giornata dell'olio e del vino" event was held in the town of Vodnjan. The event is born from the merging of two prior manifestations: the Festival of olive oils of Istria (this year it was its 25th edition) and the Festival of the wines of South Istria (a year older than the Festival of olive oils) where our Istrian Malvasia won the title for the best white wine



Delegation of the Bavarian Municipality of Bischofsmais

on a tasting tour of our winery

On a beautiful spring day we hosted the delegation of the Bavarian municipality of Bischofsmais thanks to the representatives of the Tourist Board of Marčana who recognized and appreciate our offer, products and passion we invest in the production and presentation of our wines and olive oil and have decided to bring their friends and colleagues from their twin municipality on a tour of our wine cellar and winery.



Noćnjak 2019 - Kalavojna wins the Recognition

for the Best Medium Intensive Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On the 21st International Manifestation of Olive growers and olive oil producers, NOĆNJAK 2019 held from March 21 to March 24 in Split and Neum, Kalavojna gained recognition for the best medium intensive extra virgin olive oil received from blended varieties.


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